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Properly configured, this means charred wicks are a thing of the past, ensuring quality vapor every vaping session. The device comes with a matte black finish and is built extremely well with very tight tolerances. It has a gold plated, spring loaded center pin to ensure proper connections with atomizers or vape tanks and has a magnetic battery door for easy access. The device also has a micro-USB port for charging and an integrated wireless charging circuit that is used with an optional charging pad.

It is sleek, portable, powerful, and highly customizable. Constructed out of aluminum, which makes it lighter than its predecessors, the DNA is also finished with a black anodization process, followed by black paint, then a light rubberized coating. However, what makes the DNA stand out is the inclusion of Escribe.

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Escribe is a controlling software that is capable of up to 93 customizable options. Users can dial in their personal settings for the perfect vape, with the ability to save up to eight profiles to match their tank or atomizer setups. Additionally, the DNA is future-proof because of its USB upgradeable software, making it, quite possibly, the last mod one will ever need. The process of creating, mixing, dispensing, and labeling all go through strict quality control measures to ensure only the best reach their customers.

Vapor Shark may not have the widest selection of products, but the quality makes up for it immensely. It is necessary to distinguish between what has become the common reference for this chip which is temperature controlled, and what it in reality the chip is, which is temperature protected and limited. Before going further into the function and modes of the Evolv DNA 40 chip, let us first look at the chip specifications. The temperature protection feature of the DNA 40 is not the only upgrade available with this chip.

The Evolv DNA 40 chip now has a buck and boost converter with a minimum voltage output of 1 volt, and a maximum of 9 volts.

The minimum firing resistance for standard Kanthal wire is now. The maximum firing resistance for Kanthal wire is 2. The minimum firing resistance for NI wire the wire required to use the temperature feature is. We also see an increase in the maximum current output of 16A, with an instantaneous peak or burst current output of 23A. To use the temperature feature you have to be using NI Nickle wire in your atomizer. When the chip detects Kanthal wire, the screen display will appear just like the older DNA 30 display with battery indicator, resistance, voltage, and wattage setting.

Likewise, when the chip detects NI wire the display will change to battery indicator, resistance, temperature, and wattage setting. The intelligent chip will also display a message on screen to acknowledge the change in atomizer detected when switching from a Kanthal to a NI build, and vice versa. The possible error messages that can appear on the display screen for the DNA 40 chip are as follows :.

What I like about the DNA 40 chip is that the temperature protected feature is an option, not a must use feature of this device. So for those who are not interested in temperature protection, you can still use this device without ever utilizes Nickel wire and the temperature protection. One thing to keep in mind while using this device in temperature protected mode is that wattage output is manipulated in order to stay within the temperature protected setting.

For example, if you have your device set to F, firing. On the display screen you will see the wattage output rolling down and up in a pattern that is reminiscent of a pulse width modulated frequency. Working with pure Nickel non-resistance wire was very interesting indeed. Once installed the dual coil build metered out to. I continued to play with the temperature settings until I finally landed back the F default setting, and 25W, which seemed to work for me. At temperatures below F the vape was cool to the point that I could not even feel it, even as there was plenty of vapor being produced, which I could only see on the exhale.

I was a little concerned about the wattage buttons due to their position, and degree of protrusion from the body on the device however, my concern was for naught. In spite of my ring and pinky fingers sitting near the wattage buttons during use, I never had occasion to accidentally change the wattage setting.

The fire button has a ring around it that turns blue when the switch is activated. But it is a responsive switch, and I did not experience any misfires while using it. I have heard some vapers report that they experience a weird taste with Nickel wire, and I did have a few moments where I thought that I may be experiencing a metallic after taste. I am not firm on whether I did or did not have an aftertaste with Nickel wire because of the e-liquid I was using fruity dessert type. With this particular e-liquid sometimes I feel as though the e-liquid is messing with the ph balance in my mouth after several days of vaping it even with Kanthal wire.

Unfortunately, that was not possible. You will see in the photos below that my inline meter could not get any read on voltage output from the Vapor Shark rDNA with both Kanthal and Nickel wire builds. That being said, based on my actual vaping experience, I have no reason to believe that the voltage output of the Evolv DNA 40 chip was in any way inaccurate.

The one thing about the VS that I do not like is the display screen being on the bottom of the device, which I found to be especially aggravating while I was testing out the different setting, and trying to fire the device while monitoring what was happening on the display screen at the same time. Also, with the display screen placement at the bottom of the device, you would not want to pair a Genesis style atomizer with the VS.

I have also read reports of more than one person going through as many as 3 brand new Evolv DNA 40 boards in a row due to defect. However, the number of reported defects is large enough that it has to be stated. Being that I usually vape within the low to mid wattage range, temperature protection is not something that I felt like I needed, or wanted.

The same is also true for the higher 40W capacity. With new information available about the potentially hazardous effects of extreme temperatures in combination with the e-liquids we use in vaping, it makes a lot of sense to me that temperature protection would be the next step in innovation as it pertains to regulated devices. Even as I still feel that I do not need temperature protection for the way that I vape at the present moment, this does not mean that my other fellow vapers do not need it, or want it. Temperature protection aside, there are other upgrades offered with the Evolv DNA 40 chip that I know many vapers do want, namely a lower firing resistance, higher wattage output capacity, and the ability to step down voltage output.

With regards to the Vapor Shark rDNA itself, I have to be honest in that while I find the VS to be a solid and sturdy feeling device that has functioned properly according to design, and without issue, that I genuinely find the hype surrounding this device to be very overrated, most especially at its price point. There is nothing particularly special, interesting, or innovative about the box design of the Vapor Shark itself.

I was impressed by the Evolv DNA 40 chip way more so than the box that houses it. I feel that box designs like the Vapor Flask V2 do a better job at commanding their higher price point. That all being said, I truly believe that value is subjective, and just as it is with beauty, value is also in the eye of the beholder.

Where to Buy a Vapor Shark rDNA Mod

Nicole Lea is a committed vape gear enthusiast of 3 years, who is dedicated to informing, educating, and guiding the vape community in this amazing world of electronic cigarettes. Some vendors are offering Hana style enclosures with the authentic DNA 40 chip now , with a better warranty and at nearly half the cost of a VS. Hi Sammy, thank you for your feedback. Give a product a cool name and a high price tag and many take for granted that the product is all that and a bag of chips. It is not a bad box by any stretch, but its so very plain and basic in its design, and material choices that is just does not command a high price tag to me.

The Hero and the selling point of this device is the chip, yet you are paying for the brandVapor Shark. Total nonsense! This device shines with quality. Also to state that you dont want temperature protection as you vape at 15W is simply nonsense also — you will get burnt wicks and bad tasting juice at much lower power than 15W.

Temperature protection is awesome, no more dry hits, you can vape until totally dry it would appear that the taste diminishes but the vapour is still there when your atomiser is getting dry , no need for transparent tanks in kayfuns etc as you can just vape it dry then refill without fear, the list goes on.

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  7. An amazing device and has to be tried to believe it. The battery indicator is rather confusing though as its not clear what it measures, however, the battery lifetime seems on the mark. With the recall or return of the version 1 devices, the version 2 rdna40 by vaporshark truly is the beginning of the future of vaping.


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    Just buy it, you will not be disappointed, and like me you can put all your clones away, you simply wont look at them again. And contrary to what Nicole says, building with nickel wire I used 28 gauge is very easy indeed, in fact much easier than regular kanthal as its much less springy and holds its shape and position really well. Anonymous, Zappos Customer , September 26, Bought these for my 12 year old son for football. True to size, good looking and comfortable. Anonymous, Zappos Customer , August 9, I would like to take a moment and tell Zappos that it was refreshing to place an order and receive what I was expecting and in the time that was promised.

    We often will find time to criticize, I do believe if we can take the to time voice our complaints, then we should be should be equally prepared to recognize good service and the quality of the product. My son wears a 15 shoe, and it is a challenge to find a shoe that size.

    Vaporshark DNA 200 Box Mod $194.99

    Would like to see you add more shoes, and athletic shoes to choose from. I am certain my son is not the only high school student who wears a size 15 and to find them affordable is a big help. Thanks again, will be able to get him more shoes thanks to your company. Teresa, Zappos Customer , May 15, Overall 4 Rated 4 stars out of 5. You get what you pay for. Good looking shoe for the price. Not comfortable. Anonymous, Zappos Customer , June 12, Overall 3 Rated 3 stars out of 5.

    Comfort 2 Rated 2 stars out of 5. Waaaay too narrow. Didn't even get laced up and my toes were pinched. Returned immediately. Aaron, Zappos Customer , September 21,